The industry has its own version of how producers and feeders employ environmental stewardship – the site. It guides visitors through the stages of beef production, from the cow-calf operation, feedyard and ultimately to the meat counter.

It uses a series of testimonials and producer profiles to help inform visitors about all facets of beef production. Ranchers and feeders from Texas, California, Colorado, North Dakota, Wyoming, Michigan, Arizona, Massachusetts and other states are profiled through short videos. They cite the history of their operations and guide viewers through their production practices, animal welfare and dedication to preserving the environment.

“Cattle farmers and ranchers are credible with the public,” says Rick McCarty, vice president of issues management for the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association. “They’re viewed as honest, hard-working and an embodiment of American values. Nobody knows beef production like beef producers and nobody is more credible to tell that story.”

“From Pasture to Plate” helps create a positive marketing environment for promotional efforts such as the “Beef. It’s What’s For Dinner” campaign, McCarty says. And it provides a better understanding of the overall industry and how projects like the Environmental Stewardship Award Program help ensure a sustainable and wholesome product.