Larry Schnell, Stockmen’s Livestock Exchange

Following college, Larry Schnell attended the Western College of Auctioneering in Billings, and returned to work at the auction market, moving into leadership positions, ownership, and overall management of Stockmen's Livestock Exchange Inc., which markets 100,000 to 150,000 cattle each year for 3,000 local cattlemen. He has continued to hone his auctioneering skills not only with practice, but also by competing against the best auctioneers in the nation.

Schnell has worked diligently to improve the overall husbandry and Beef Quality Assurance knowledge of the producers who market cattle through their operation. He is fully committed to the idea that educating producers about pertinent practices such as giving shots in the neck, following withdrawals times, implementing better genetics into a producers program, handling cattle better, and marketing cows and bulls in a timely fashion not only improves the producers operation, but their financial soundness, and the beef industry as a whole.

At Stockmen’s Livestock, Schnell sees the importance of implementing improved cattle handling and cattle handling facilities at his operation. Schnell was instrumental in the development of the “Focal Point" DVD -An Auction Market Beef Quality Assurance Guide because of the need he saw within his own operation and other Auction Markets for employee education on Beef Quality Assurance topics such as cattle handling, animal welfare, and public awareness.

Dr. John Maas, UC Davis

John Maas, is an integral part of Beef Quality Assurance. While serving in multiple cattle health and quality assurance leadership capacities for the California Cattlemen’s Association and the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, Dr. Maas is known throughout the beef community for his passion in the BQA arena.

Dr. Maas has helped coordinate state, regional and national BQA curriculum for California dairy, feedyard and cow/calf BQA programs and has always ensured that producers and their employees have access to these educational programs. In addition to being on the front lines as a BQA advocate, trainer and program developer, Dr. Maas also works to educate people outside of BQA training programs. He is a longtime member of the BQA Advisory Board.

As a veterinarian, Dr. Maas shares the importance of proper nutrition, drug use, drug administration and proper animal handling. He is also known throughout California for his “Vet Views” column in the California Cattlemen magazine where he often promotes BQA messages. He has written over 150 of these columns that are many times reprinted locally and nationally in other publications.

In addition to educating producers about BQA, Dr. Maas is a strong spokesperson for the beef industry. Dr. Maas has often represented CCA and NCBA in the media arena and has testified on behalf of cattlemen on legislative and regulatory issues. " target="_blank">Beef Quality Assurance is something that Dr. Maas believes in and shares with cattle producers of all ages as well as with the public in general.

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