Alliance Web Address Contact Year estab. Cattle in alliance in 2007 Average premium paid Cost Minimum head Grids geared to QG, YG or both (see key at bottom of page) Par point on grid Carcass weight on grid Harvest states Required genetics Practices required: S, W, P, N (see key at bottom of page) Electronic ID capable Retained ownership required Aligned with specific feeders, packers or retailers Cow-calf producer post-harvest premium
Certified Angus Beef, LLC Feedlot Licensing Program (FLP)
Steve Suther, 785-889-4162, CAB: 1978, FLP: 1998 >200,000 Ch/Sel + $4.50/cwt. None 1 Both Varies with packer Varies with packer CO, IA, ID, IL, KS, MI, MN, NE, PA, TX, WA, WI, UT, CAN 50% or greater Angus preferred N/A Y Varies with feedlot 80 feeders, 26 packers, 6,000 retailers, 7,000 restaurants and international distributors Varies with feedlot
Certified Angus Beef Natural
Mark McCully, CAB supply development director, 330-345-2333, 2003 >100,000 Varies with packer None Varies with packer Both N/A N/A NE, UT 50% or greater Angus N, S, never had implants, antibiotics or animal-derived feeds Y N Tyson Foods and Niman Ranch Varies with packer
Certified Hereford Beef, LLC
Jim Williams, vice president of supply, 308-222-0170, 1995 462,000 $14-$22/hd; age and source premium: $35/hd None N/A Both Choice YG4 or less, Choice & Select 600-1,000 lbs. NE, KS 100% British, at least 50% Hereford Corn feeding Y N Greater Omaha Packing Co., National Beef Packing LLC, Hereford Verified feeders Y
Consolidated Beef Producers
Bruce Cobb, 806-655-8955, 2000 1.5+ million marketings Confidential and varies based on program $3,000 (one-time) membership fee and cattle marketing service fee N/A Both Varies, depending on grid options Varies, depending on grid options TX, NM, OK, KS, CO, NE, WY, IA, MN, SD N/A Varies, depending on program specs Y N Horizontal alliance with producers N/A
Country Natural Beef
Dan Probert, 541-473-3355, 1986 50,000 Cost of production/return on investment Responsibility of being member of co-op (9 days/year) 120 Both High Select, low Choice YG1 & 2 600-775 lbs. WA, TX Cattle selected by biological type S, N, food alliance certification, no ionophores, cattle owned from birth Y Y Retailer — Natural Food Stores, packer — AB Foods, feeder — Beef Northwest, Beef Tech Feeders Cost of production/return on investment
Creekstone Farms
Ryan Meyer, 620-741-3321, 1998 260,000 $12-$100/hd None None QG Choice YG3.3 550-950 lbs. KS Black Angus S and age-verified program required third-party cerification. Natural program requires never/ever affidavit from birth. Non-Hormone Treated Cattle Program (NHTC) requires third-party certification. Y N Y Y
Decatur Beef Alliance
Warren Weibert, 888-675-2212, 1994 40,000 Varies Approximately $9/hd Load lot of same sex Both Choice YG3 550-1,000 lbs. KS 25% Bos indicus P, S, preweaning Y Y, 50% Packer — Cargill Meat Solutions N/A
GeneNet Dr. Ken Conway, 758-628-3004, 1998 90,000 $25.67/hd $4/hd 20 Both Choice YG3 535-950 lbs. NE, CO, TX None Pay premiums for age- and source-verification for Japan Y N Packer — JBS Swift & Co. Y
Laura's Lean Beef
Don Knore, VP of Cattle Procurement, 800-392-9389, 1985 70,000 $109.50/hd average slaughter premium (slaughter cattle with 700 lb. carcass including premium over market price, bonus grid, freight to slaughter) None None Both Select and Choice QG, YG1.8-2.4 575-825 lbs. NE, WI High percentage Continental N, S, W, P Y N N/A For load lots of cattle, 35% of slaughter bonus
Meyer Natural Angus
Jim Norwood, 816-769-7334, or Blake Angell, 785-537-3815, 1995 N/A $80+/hd None Load QG Select YG3 600-1,000 lbs. NE Minimum 50% Red or Black Angus S, W, N Y N Y N
Montana Ranch Brand Natural
Bob Guiles, 406-294-2333, 1994 10,000 $75-$125/hd retained ownership None Potload Both YG2.8 and Choice-Select 700-900 lbs. NE Continental/British cross S, W, P, N Y N Retailer direct Y, under certain conditions
Montana Ranch Brand Piedmontese
Bob Guiles, 406-294-2333, 2000 10,000 $35-$50 cow-calf or $100-$130 retained ownership None Potload Both YG2.8 and Choice-Select 700-900 lbs. NE Piedmontese/British cross S, W, P, N Y N Retailer direct Y, under certain conditions
Nolan Ryan's Guaranteed Tender Meats
Coy Meyring, 806-457-1389, 2000 Confidential Varies None 1 YG Choice and Select, YG1 & 2 600-899 lbs. TX, CA None, prefer Bos indicus N N/A N Feeder, packer, retailer Y
Painted Hills Natural Beef
Will Homer, 541-763-2333, 1996 22,000 $7/cwt. × 1,250 lbs. = $87/hd None 40 QG Choice 600-850 lbs. WA Angus-based S, N, no hormones, antibiotics or animal byproducts N/A Y Packer — Tyson Fresh Meats; feeder is ration specific N/A
Performance Plus — Retained Ownership Don Cain Jr., 888-269-8387, 1993 Confidential $33.23/hd $7.50/hd 1 Both N/A 500-1,000 lbs. IA, KS, NE, CO, MO, SD 50-75% British, 25-50% Continental MSI scanned Y Y N N
Performance Plus — Sale Barn Don Cain Jr., 888-269-8387, 1993 Confidential $27.06/hd $8/hd 1 Both N/A 500-1,000 lbs. IA, KS, NE, CO, MO, SD 50-75% British, 25-50% Continental MSI scanned, S, Vac 45 Y Y N N
Power Genetics
Jason Anderson or Mark Tracy, 308-493-5604 1993 Confidential Confidential None 35 Both Confidential Confidential Confidential Power Genetics and/or greater than 50% Angus S, W, P Y N Confidential Y
Premium Gold Angus Beef
Ron VanderBoon, 616-361-2808, 616-485-4257 (cell), 1993 200,000 $20-$30/hd None No minimum Both Choice YG3 600-1,000 lbs. WI 50% Angus S, W, P Y N N/A Yes, with PGA approved bulls
Ranchers Renaissance 1997 100,000+ $14.50/hd in 2007; $19.70/hd in 2008 YTD Confidential N/A Paid based on value created N/A Confidential TX, CO, Canada 50% British, 50% Continental W, P, USDA-approved QSA program for age- and source-verification Y Optional Feeder, packer, retailer Y
Red Angus Feeder Calf Certification Program
Ann Holsinger,, or Ron Bolze, 402-426-2033, 1995 100,000 Depends on location $1.19/hd or $3.25/hd depending upon type of ear tag selected (just visual or visual/EID combo set) 1 QG Choice YG3 550-975 lbs. CO, NE, KS 50% Red Angus, calves must have one registered Angus parent S, age Y N Cargill Meat Solutions, Meyer Natural Angus, US Premium Beef/National Beef, Decatur County Beef Alliance, Beef Northwest Feeders, GeneNet with JBS Swift, 70/70 grid with JBS Swift N
Snake River Farms
Luke DeTar, 208-338-2500, 208-250-7420 (cell), 1990 N/A N/A N/A 70 N/A N/A N/A WA Wagyu S, N Y N Agri Beef Co. Y
Tallgrass Beef Company Ron Ladner, cattle procurement manager, 877-822-8283, 2004 N/A 85 None No minimum Both High Select/YG3 N/A GA, KS, CA Predominantly British based S, W, P, N Y Not required, but preferred N/A N/A
TwoRiver Cattle, American Simmental Association 7070 Beef
TwoRiver Cattle LLC, Mark Guge, 515-231-6849, 2003 40,000 $33/hd $4/hd NA Both Choice YG3A 550-1,000 lbs. NE, CO None Premium for S & age cattle with PVP certification Y N Packer — JBS Swift N
U.S. Premium Beef, LLC
Tracy Thomas, 866-877-2525, 1996 687,386 $26.84/hd Membership and units access 20 Both 50% Choice YG3 575-1,000 lbs. KS, CA Breeds with high-quality grade carcass traits None Y N Packer — National Beef Packing Co. Y
Key: Grids geared to QG = quality grade, YG = yield grade, Both = quality and yield grade
Practices required: S = source verification, W = weaning, P = preconditioning, N = natural (i.e., typically prohibits the use of antibiotics and growth hormones)