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Stacking Technology In Stockers Adds Up To More Pounds
Research shows that the additional weight gain in stockers from the use of implants and ionophores is independent and additive.
Competing Meats Will Apply More Price Pressure
As beef production declines, wholesale and retail beef prices will likely increase. At the same time, looming pork and poultry expansion will make it harder for beef to compete on price.
feeder cattle prices
Feeder Cattle Futures Power Higher
Feeder Cattle futures jumped an average of $8.72 across the board, week-to-week. Cash calf and feeder cattle traded fully steady to $5/cwt.
Moser Takes Charge Of Global Beef Industry’s “Most Valuable Asset”
Dan Moser, the new president of Angus Genetics Inc., and director of performance programs for the American Angus Association, boasts a long pedigree in genetics research and education, as well as a wealth of industry involvement.
2014 Stocker Award Winner | Young Cattle Company
Rick and Jayne Young, Young Cattle Company in Belmont, Ohio, are the 2014 Stocker Award Winner. The award is sponsored by Zoetis.
stocker award winner, young cattle co
2014 National Stocker Award Winner Builds Value From The Middle 1
Building relationships on both sides of the trade are what drive Young Cattle Company’s expansion and success. Rick & Jayne Young are the 2014 BEEF Stocker Award Winner. The award is sponsored by Zoetis.
Consumer Demand Continues Evolution
A recent study conducted by the Livestock Marketing Information Center (LMIC) underscores the trend of lesser-value end meats providing increased support to the beef complex.
feeder cattle prices
Feeder Cattle Prices Continue Advance 
Yearling feeder cattle traded fully steady to $3 higher. Calves traded unevenly steady from $5 lower to $5 higher. “The biggest losses on calves were for those weighing over 500 lbs. in most cases, with gains more prevalent on lighter-weight calves under 500 lbs. in the Southeast,” say analysts with the Agricultural Marketing Service.
heifer prices
Heifer Prices Grounded In Reality 1
The worth of replacement females is different for every cattle operation, but current prices seem to make rational sense.
feedlot placements
Placements 3% Lower
August cattle placements into feedlots was 3% lower than the previous year and marketings were 10% less. Each represent the lowest levels since the data series began in 1996.
calf prices september 2014
Calf And Feeder Prices Widen Gap With Fed Cattle-Beef 1
Despite continued volatility, cattle futures gained some ground as cash calf and feeder cattle values continued to strengthen. Yearling feeders sold fully steady to $5/cwt. higher, while calves traded mainly steady to $5 higher.
beef exports
Beef Export Value Increased But Volume Declines
U.S. beef exports were 15% lower on a voulme basis in July compared to the previous year, though export value remained steady at $621.7 million.
beef production down 5%
Beef Production Down 5%
By 2016, LMIC analysts project beef production to be lower than pork production for the first time since 1959.
corn crop record
Record Corn Crop Grows Larger
With projected ending U.S. corn stocks higher than at any time since 2004-2005, the monthly World Agriculture Supply and Demand Estimates released this week knocked back the projected season-average price a smooth 40¢/bu. at the mid-point to $3.20-$3.80/bu.
calf prices at market
Calf-Feeder Prices Up Again
Yearling feeder cattle sold $3-$8/cwt. higher and calves traded steady to $5 higher.

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