Jim Gerrish

Is pasture-finishing for you?
With increasing numbers of consumers seeking meats produced in what they believe to be more humane and environmentally sustainable systems, more beef
Stocking rate vs. stock density
I've found recently that a number of cattlemen and other livestock producers really don't understand the difference between stocking rate and stock density.
Grazing Consultant: Three tips for profitable stocker grazing
Strategies for making stockers work for you.
Grazing Consultant: It takes grass to grow grass
Photosynthesis is key to productive pastures.
Grazing Consultant: Make Summer Annual Pastures Work
Factors to consider when using summer annual pastures.
Make summer annual pastures work
Summer annual pastures can provide valuable, high-quality forage during a season when your permanent pastures may be running out of gas. Almost all parts
Spring pasture control
Almost anyplace in the U.S. blessed with ample spring moisture and warm temperatures is also blessed with explosive spring pasture growth. One of the
Get ready for spring
Even if snow still covers your pastures and the groundhog says there are another six weeks of winter, it's time to think about readying your pastures
Tips for successful pasture weaning
Weaning calves on pasture is an excellent way to keep them healthy, and minimize weaning cost and stress, because it keeps calves in a familiar environment
Manage pasture to make it last
When should you plan to renovate a pasture? How long should a pasture stay productive? These are two common questions I hear from folks across the U.S.
It takes grass to grow grass
Over the past few months, several beef producers have asked me the key to having really productive pastures. The simple answer is optimizing plant photosynthesis.
Three tips for profitable stocker grazing
Stocker grazing is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to traditional cow-calf production in many areas. Two main reasons are that some producers
Stockpiled forage's longevity
Is stockpiled pasture really of sufficient quality to carry cattle all through the winter? This question has a classic, it depends answer. Let's start
Let's talk about grass
My goal in this new bimonthly column is to answer specific questions about grazing management. Readers are invited to submit their questions. I may not
The Power of Grazing
Some people claim grazing is destroying the landscape. Others maintain grazing is not only a powerful tool for environmental enhancement, but a necessary

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