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beef demand losing to chicken
Is The Beef Industry Losing Market Share To Poultry? Yes & No 1
Consumers send mixed signals as beef struggles with supply. It will take all segments of the production and marketing chain, working as a team, to successfully navigate the next few years as cattlemen restock and rebuild.
ground beef topping retail sales
Has The U.S. Become A Ground Beef Nation?
With an estimated 60% of all beef consumption in the U.S. in the form of ground beef, an economist asks if the country’s beef production model needs a little tweaking.
CattleFax Outlook: Better Weather & Higher Prices In 2014 6
Last year was just a warm-up. If you thought selling cattle was fun in 2013, get ready, because the joyride is just beginning.
usda report shows heifer retention is underway
USDA Releases Cattle Inventory Report; Heifer Retention Is Underway
USDA cattle inventory report shows that heifer retention is underway.
houses passes farm bill
House Passes Farm Bill
After years of debate and controversy, and heavy lobbying up until the final vote, the U.S. House of Representatives has passed a farm bill.
restocking the cowherd
Restocking Or Rebuilding: What’s The Difference?
Before the beef industry can rebuild cow numbers, ranchers first must restock. Stan Bevers explains the difference and why he thinks rebuilding will take longer than predicted.
preventing biosecurity issues on your ranch
Biosecurity And BVD – How To Avoid A Wreck
The best way to avoid a wreck with bovine viral diarrhea (BVD) is to make sure you don’t bring it home.
U.S. cowherd genetic trends
U.S. Beef Herd Is Mostly Black But Changing Slightly 14
An exclusive BEEF survey indicates that while the trend for the cowherd to be straightbred and black continues, the genetic makeup of the nation’s cowherd is changing ever so slightly.
ag financing for 2014
There’s Plenty Of Capital Available For Agriculture
It will be a good-news, sort-of-bad-news scenario for cattle producers looking for a loan in the coming years. There’s plenty of money to lend for cattle, but risk is a big factor.
drought dynamics to continue
The Drought Isn’t Over; Do You Have A Plan? 3
The long-term weather forecast, based on historical changes in sea surface temperatures, indicates the drought is a long way from being over. Do you have a plan?
Meet 2014 NCBA President Bob McCan
Bob McCan comes from a strong background of industry involvement as he takes the reins as 2014-15 NCBA president.
mcdonald's requests sustainable beef
McDonald’s & Walmart Demand Sustainable Beef – What Does That Really Mean? 13
Nobody can define it, really, but everybody is talking about it. And when “everybody” is McDonald’s and Walmart, and when the talk is about the beef industry’s sustainability, it’s best to sit up and join the conversation.
NCBA President Bob McCan
Texan Bob McCan Will Lead U.S. Beef Producers In 2014
Bob McCan has a long history behind him of beef industry advocacy. That will reach its full potential this year as he leads the nation’s beef industry as president of the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association.
Ranchland Values Look Steady To Stronger For 2014 And Beyond
Although a variety of factors are at play, some positive and some negative, ranchland values will remain steady to up slightly in 2014.
distillers grain fat and energy content
The Nutritional Value Of Distiller’s Grains Is Changing
As ethanol plants look for ways to extract more value from distillers grains, the nutritional value of the byproduct is changing. Here's what you should watch for if you feed distillers grains.

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