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Fish and Wildlife Service Lists Lesser Prairie-Chicken As Threatened 5
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service decides to list the lesser prairie chicken as endangered, though a special rule establishes unprecedented conservation partnership with states to provide regulatory certainty for landowners and businesses. It also enables states to maintain the lead management for conservation efforts.
Leachman’s Industry Game Plan: Work Together To Move Forward 7
Who’s your competition? Is it the rancher down the road who sells his calves at the same time you do? One seedstock breeder suggests, since our ultimate goal is to sell beef, our competition is everything else a consumer can eat instead of beef, principally pork and poultry. Thus, being competitive means working together.
Finding Solutions To Child Hunger Worldwide
The rhetoric surrounding estimates that the world’s population will hit 9 billion people by 2050, and the very real questions that estimate generates about how we will feed all those people, continues to escalate. But does that conversation overlook the very real issues of food insecurity that exist right now? Several international meat organizations are stepping up.
Use The Grazing Response Index To Evaluate Pasture Health 3

One of the fundamental rules of thumb in pasture management is “take half and leave half.” “The problem is,” says Tim Steffens, Texas AgriLife Extension Service rangeland specialist in Canyon, TX, “the cows did not read the book.”

Cows, being cows, take the best half and leave the rest alone. And that means, Steffens says, you can be conservatively stocked and still overgraze a pasture.

The Case Of The Disappearing Mesa
For many parts of cattle country, the drought is far from over. A Dust Bowl-style dust storm in the Texas Panhandle was a stark reminder of that reality.
Manage Your Way To A Short Calving Season

Ranchers, ever looking for the thin sliver of silver on the edges of the darker cloud bank, have found that drought-driven culling of the cow herd has resulted in a shorter calving season.

Lesser Prairie-Chicken Initiative Moves Forward

Things are moving inexorably toward March 31, which is when the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) is expected to announce whether or not the lesser prairie-chicken will be listed as threatened or endangered under the Endangered Species Act.

National Beef To Close Brawley Plant In Spite Of Efforts By Cattle Feeders
In spite of significant incentives, Natinal Beef Packing decides to close Brawley, CA, plant
Cattle Feeders Work to Keep Brawley Plant Open In Wake of Decision to Close Facility
California Cattle Feeders offer National Beef an additional $9 million in discounts in bid to keep Brawley plant open
beef demand losing to chicken
Is The Beef Industry Losing Market Share To Poultry? Yes & No 1
Consumers send mixed signals as beef struggles with supply. It will take all segments of the production and marketing chain, working as a team, to successfully navigate the next few years as cattlemen restock and rebuild.
ground beef topping retail sales
Has The U.S. Become A Ground Beef Nation?
With an estimated 60% of all beef consumption in the U.S. in the form of ground beef, an economist asks if the country’s beef production model needs a little tweaking.
CattleFax Outlook: Better Weather & Higher Prices In 2014 6
Last year was just a warm-up. If you thought selling cattle was fun in 2013, get ready, because the joyride is just beginning.
usda report shows heifer retention is underway
USDA Releases Cattle Inventory Report; Heifer Retention Is Underway
USDA cattle inventory report shows that heifer retention is underway.
houses passes farm bill
House Passes Farm Bill
After years of debate and controversy, and heavy lobbying up until the final vote, the U.S. House of Representatives has passed a farm bill.
restocking the cowherd
Restocking Or Rebuilding: What’s The Difference?
Before the beef industry can rebuild cow numbers, ranchers first must restock. Stan Bevers explains the difference and why he thinks rebuilding will take longer than predicted.

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