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Century-Old Mystery Solved; Bluetongue Transmission Cracked 1
For more than a century, bluetongue disease has confounded veterinarians and producers by seemingly disappearing over the winter, then reappearing as soon as temperatures begin to warm. A new study has cracked the transmission code.
5 Trending Headlines—Castration & Dehorning Guidelines PLUS, Why Leasing Winter Pasture Pays
Take a look at some research that shows leasing winter grazing may be a profitable alternative, plus research on cattle shrink and guidelines to help veterinarians and producers when castrating and dehorning cattle.
Thorpe Honored For Industry Contributions
Topper Thorpe, the longtime CEO of CattleFax, was recognized for contributions to the beef industry.
Probiotics Future In Beef Production Looks Promising
As FDA ratchets down on medically important antibiotics in animal feed, probiotics may come to the fore in beef production.
grazing cattle by streams
6 Trending Headlines: Why Preconditioning Adds Value, PLUS How Grazing Improves Riparian Areas
Many cattle producers are looking ahead to fall and its cooler temperatures. With a red-hot calf market, however, what’s the best option - to sell at weaning or precondition and capture extra value? Explore this and more in this week’s Trending Headlines.
beef readers share expansion plans
Herd Expansion? BEEF Readers Say It’s “Go” Time
According to a July survey of BEEF readers, herd expansion is well underway.
Beef, Cattle Business Rife With Opportunity, Risk
It won’t be easy, but the coming years may be “shining times” for beef and cattle producers. More people will want more and better food and will be better able to pay for it. For producers, especially cattle feeders, it will require that you do business differently than you have in the past.
USDA Proposes Rule To Import Beef From Argentina
USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) has published a rule that will allow the importation of beef from the Patagonia Region of Argentina. However, because of Argentina’s struggles with foot-and-mouth disease, (FMD), U.S. cattlemen are throwing a red flag, asking for a review of the call.
corn prices predicted to stay low
Corn Projected In $2.70 To $3.20/Bu. Range Through 2020
Corn producers, fueled by ethanol demand, have led the pack for the last nine years in the commodity market. However, conditions have changed and corn farmers have now handed the baton to cattle producers, but managing volatility will be the watchword.
consumers still buying beef
5 Trending Headlines: Grass-Fed Beef Grade Changes & Record Keeping On Your Smartphone
The beef business was built on science and technology and that’s where its future lies. In this week’s Trending Headlines, you’ll read about a record-keeping app for your smartphone. But sometimes, low tech does the trick, like the sizzle of steak over hot coals. Is that what’s keeping consumers committed to beef?
COOL regulations
Breaking News: WTO COOL Decision Will Favor Canada, Mexico
Long a contentious issue among U.S. cattlemen, country-of-origin labeling (COOL) is coming to a head. According to the Wall Street Journal, the WTO will rule against the U.S. when it releases its COOL decision
Researchers Closing In On The Genetics of Bovine Respiratory Disease
Research continues on identifying a genetic connection with Bovine Respiratory Disease susceptibility. Find out how researchers are closing in on the cattle disease origin.
Moser Tagged As Head Of Angus Genetics Inc.
K-State geneticist Dan Moser has been selected to lead the nation's largest beef breed association's genetic improvement efforts. As president of Angus Genetics, Inc., Moser will help Angus breeders continue their efforts in genetic improvement.
beef deman steady, cattle prices skyrocket
Beef Demand Roars, Record Cattle Prices Projected
Will 2014 be a breakout year for cow-calf profitability? Perhaps so, says Kansas State University economist Glynn Tonsor. Learn why the price parameters are falling into place to make 2014 a year for the record books.
5 Trending Headlines: Rainy-Day Hay, Ag-Gag Challenge & Help Ditch The Rule.
It’s been a rainier-than-normal summer for parts of the country and that makes putting up hay a challenge. In this week’s roundup of top headlines, you can learn how to make hay when the sun isn’t shining, plus get updates on a challenge to Utah’s ag-gag law and watch a video that explains EPA’s regulatory overreach.

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