Burt Rutherford

Beef Roundtable: Should you keep or sell your replacement heifer prospects?
The 2015 market crash caused many cow-calf producers to mash a thumb on the pause button of herd rebuilding. What are replacement heifers worth in light of the new market realities?
5 Trending Headlines: How to estimate cold-weather feed needs; PLUS: Is your bank on the list?
This week’s news includes some basic, boots-on-the-ground tips for helping your cows handle the cold weather to important news on ag banks and international trade in ag commodities. That and more awaits you in this week’s Trending Headlines.
6 Trending Headlines: USDA acts fast on COOL, PLUS: It's time to register your drones 3
From the White House to a judge’s bench to the friendly skies, this week’s Trending Headlines brings a wide and interesting look at the world around us.
Steer in feedyard
Congress repeals COOL, makes Section 179 tax deductions permanent 1
Both chambers of Congress, with bipartisan support, passed the Omnibus Appropriations Bill which funds government activities through fiscal 2016 and repeals COOL. In addition, Congress made Section 179 tax deductions permanent at $500,000.
Beta agonists wrongly blamed for fatigued cattle syndrome
Research shows that beta agonists have no effect on fatigued cattle syndrome. What, then, are the causes?
2016 market outlook: Here's what to expect 2
The market collapse of 2015 will end. What will 2016 bring?
6 Trending Headlines: Is the climate agreement worth the hype? PLUS: How mob grazing works on large ranches 1
After much pomp, circumstance and glowing headlines, a global climate change agreement has been hammered out. Does it portend problems for the U.S.? That and more awaits you in this week’s Trending Headlines.
Is the cash fed cattle market fixable?
Whether or not enough cash market fed cattle go to town largely depends on whether or not cattle feeders are willing to use non-conventional methods to make the market.
Exclusive BEEF Survey: Challenges and opportunites in finding good help
BEEF’s wage and benefit survey reveals challenges, opportunities in ranch labor.
6 Trending Headlines: Use your stockmanship principles to get your kids to sleep; PLUS: Perfect Roast app helps with your holiday meal
Applying the principles of good stockmanship on your ranch has many benefits. Like getting the kids to sleep. That and more awaits you in this week’s Trending Headlines.
5 Trending Headlines: 10 tips for cutting cattle feeding costs, PLUS: Why body condition matters
Check out these tips for heifer success, plus South Dakota cattle producers celebrate the opening of a new packing plant.
2016 weather outlook: Is drought in the forecast?
If you don’t have a drought plan, get one. In fact, you should have had one yesterday.
New app features reproduction management info, BEEF news
It’s frustrating when you’re out in the pasture and have a question on cow inventory or breeding management and your records are back at the house. Now there’s an app for that. New app brings reproduction management info to your pocket.
Why BQA is important to you
There are a lot of reasons to take BQA training. Perhaps the most important reason is because our consumers are watching.
5 Trending Headlines: Gentically modified salmon approved, PLUS: Ranchers battle BLM over Red River 2
In the battle between reasoned science and unreasonable emotionalism, science won a round. But is the battle over? Read about the first genetically-enhanced animal approved for human consumption, plus other news of note, in this week’s Trending Headlines.

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