The American Angus Association has produced a new educational DVD that outlines the basics of fitting and showing an animal. "Fitting and Showing for Success" is a 22-minute video that shows the entire fitting process, from washing and rinsing to clipping and show-day preparation. The video also highlights showmanship techniques.

The DVD can be purchased for just $15 from the Association’s communications department. Place orders by calling 816-383-5100.

Also available from the American Angus Association, is “You Be The Judge.” This 60-minute instructional piece is available on DVD or VHS and covers the basics of Angus cattle judging. Scott Schaake, Kansas State University judging team coach provides the on-camera instruction. He discusses what to look for when evaluating cattle, tips for note taking and oral reasons. Two collegiate judges give sample oral reasons on the tape, and viewers can practice what they've learned on two practice classes, one Angus heifer class and one market steer class. Official placings and reasons are also included. The cost is $15.

Both tapes or DVDs may be purchased by both members and non-members. For more information contact the Angus Association at 816-383-5100.