A common symptom of midlife in men is to suddenly become more emotional. Men who have felt very little emotion for years find themselves moved to tears at movies, or find a lump in their throat when thinking about their family.

A 50-year-old friend confided recently that he gets choked up at news stories about people being rescued. This can be distressing, as we don't want to appear weak in front of our peers or family. But a key to feeling good about your life is knowing what you're feeling, and being able to express it.

I know, “getting in touch with your feelings” sounds cliché, but very little contributes as much to a feeling of satisfaction with life as knowing what you are feeling, and sharing your feelings with another human, pespecially your wife/partner.

Some research indicates boys are being conditioned by 2 years old to tune out their feelings. Meanwhile, girls are about 13 before this starts happening. That means by the time boys are men, they don't know what they're feeling a lot of the time, so how can they share it with others?

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