Floyd is owner of Country Mile Farm on the old Drovers Trail Scenic Byway at Belmont, OH. He shares this writing with us that he penned a few years back and says, “Events described here were true. Only the names were changed to save the embarrassment of the poet.” For more about Floyd visit http://www.countrymilefarm.com.

Was calvin’ time at the F Lazy S,
‘Ole Shep, happy see’n as hows,
He got to ride the truck with cowhand Jess,
As they bounced along to check the cows.

To Shep it was more than just the ride,
Or to see the calves and smell the air,
Cow dogs are privileged to ride outside,
And enjoy the fun of being there.

Jess found old Slabside, a cow with bovine flair,
She had a disposition, feisty and wild,
Flat ribs that showed through winter hair,
Jess stopped the truck and smiled.

He saw the calf, so new and wobbly now,
Still wet from birth, he’d be movin’ slow.
Jess got the truck between the calf and cow,
Got out the eartags, 7 Way, and Barlow.

Slabside saw Shep in the back of the truck,
Made a charge on the nearest fender,
Jess was doin’ his thing, vaccinate, tag and cut,
Sharp old Barlow just changed the gender!

As the job was just about at hand,
The cow got wild eyed and dangerous,
Shep leapt the cab and hit the sand,
His only refuge was to get to Jess.

All cows hate dogs at calvin’ time, its said,
She charged them both, snortin’ and bellerin’.
And ran them down with hoof and head,
Dog, cow, and man, all tangled and hollerin’.

Dust, Bellerin’, yippin’ and hollerin’ went on,
‘Til Jess and Shep rolled under the truck,
Waited ‘til Slabside left with her altered son,
Ranch life is full of such good luck!