Now, boys, we had a bull one time, he was big, and black, and grand.
He’d come up to me in the pasture; eat horse treats from my hand.
He’d let me scratch him under his chin, or up behind his ears.
He was just a one ton baby, but of folks, he had no fears.

‘Cause one day he broke out of the winter trap, got in the cedar pen.
Twern’t far so I went out afoot to put him back again.
I walked up to him to haze him, he looked at me and arched his back.
Pawed the earth and snorted, and got ready to attack.

He took a step towards me and I whacked him on his nose
With my old Stetson hat, and as you’d suppose,
He shook his head then went to grazin, I pushed him back to the cows,
He went to the sale barn two days later, but I’ll tell you right now,

That it made me feel real crummy to see him go that way,
‘Cause any unpredictable critter just isn’t gonna stay.
And I had made him do it. But I’ve learned from what I’ve done.
Don’t treat your stock like pets or your world might come undone.

And I still see guys that do it, they brag on their pet bulls.
But folks, I learned my lesson. You’ll turn your bulls to culls.
I hope you’ll learn from my mistake, and I’ll tell you all that,
A cows a cow and a bulls a bull, not a puppy or a cat.