Took a walk down the Bar B’s trail today
Walked until the sun set…stop’en to pray
Then walked on after the last glimmer of twilight was gone
White lines on a broken road guided my feet
Felt a light burn of the sun through a hole in my jean
Corn fields on the sides of me in fifty shades of green

The glassed-glossy colors of the corn in full bloom and my eye moved
Across the tassels, along the leaves to sensual painted silk
Down the deep green stalk into the shadowiness sage green
Smears of colors drawing me down the row and in-between
Remembering all the hues of green on my color chart
Right before me this special night in fifty shades of green

I breathe like never before in the pure oxygen breezing from the fields
Engulfed me in sweet-scent streams all-encompassing like layered satin sheets
In stillness the tittle-tattle of a pheasant hen chit chatting with her brood
Her timbre voice reverberates in the air bouncing off the moon
All that I see, touch, taste and feel…feels so blessedly clean
Reflected by light in fifty shades of green

Took a walk down Bar B’s trail today
Walked and I walked and my feet never wanted to stop
Even a field of corn when the Light is right has colors in my heart go flip-flop
Sometimes I think that a walk like this is what I live to do
God gives me colors and every year I see a new shade of green
Since I was born I have seen more then fifty shades of green

Soon I will watch the fall as it comes
In just the right sums
The corn will be harvested
And cattle turn loose to glean
But in my heart layered like satin sheets
Will be fifty shades of green