Are you looking for weed seed free mulch or straw for a roadside or erosion-control project? Are you a horse owner, looking for local sources of ‘certified’ weed seed free hay?

A new addition to the Iowa Crop Improvement Association’s (ICIA) Web site is an opportunity to connect suppliers and purchasers of certified forage and mulch by offering individuals the opportunity to be included on the following lists:

  • Potential suppliers
  • Potential purchasers
  • Current sources of certified forage and mulch

The ICIA began offering a noxious weed seed free forage and mulch program in 2006 as an opportunity for farmers to add value to their forage or mulch products.

This program provides assurance that forage and mulch sold under this certification will not lead to the establishment of noxious and undesirable plants for the consumer of this product. An inspection is completed on each forage or mulch field and storage site to verify the product is free of any seed bearing plants on a list of 54 noxious or undesirable weeds.

The program requirements and application forms can be found at the ICIA Website. If you would like additional information please contact their office at 515- 294-6921.