Grassland Oregon recently introduced the latest SucraSEED product, Sweet Spot, designed for use in food plots. The new seed mixture utilizes progressive varieties of High Sugar Grasses (HSGs) already in wide use in Europe and New Zealand, and recently made available in the United States.

Sweet Spot, with its mixture of HSG’s and clovers provides game with the protein needed to gain body mass and increase antler size. The mix delivers protein in excess of 20%, which is more than twice the protein found in other food sources such as corn.

The increase in protein absorption is caused by very high levels of water-soluble carbohydrates (WSC) present in the specially bred grass. The sugars, by providing extra energy to microbes in the animals’ rumen, allow the animals to utilize more of the protein that they take in. As a result, more protein is converted to body mass and antler development, and less is excreted as unused nitrogen into the land. The decrease in waste nitrogen is also a significant environmental and animal health benefit.

This mix also works as an all-around blend, benefiting and attracting wild turkeys, wild hogs and rabbits.

Grassland Oregon’s SucraSEED product line includes mixtures specially formulated for specific use: Beef Bank (for cattle), Cash Cow (for dairy), Great Gains (all purpose small animal) and now Sweet Spot (for wildlife and game).

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