Looking for ways to help keep bugs and germs at bay on the farm. Here’s a line-up of new products that may come in handy:

EfferSan, available from Activon, Inc., has received EPA acceptance as a disinfectant. This multi-purpose sanitizing tablet is designed for use in cattle-breeding facilities and calving barns. When dissolved in water, it creates a mild, skin-friendly solution that destroys a broad range of bacteria such as Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus aureus and Salmonella enterica. Learn more atwww.effersan.biz.

Nuvan® Prostrips® from Amvac Chemical Corporation provide up to four months of control for flies, moths, mosquitoes, gnats, cockroaches, silverfish, spiders, beetles, earwigs and other insect pests. The strips utilize controlled-release technology to slowly diffuse a deep penetrating vapor in enclosed spaces. It is available in 16- and 65-gm sizes. Visit www.amvac-chemical.com.

Tempo® SC Ultra Pest Control Concentrate (11.8% beta-cyfluthrin) from Bayer Animal Health is now available in a 32-mL bottle. This fifth-generation pyrethroid insecticide has been effective on more than 60 different pests and can be used in barns and horse stables to control crawling, flying and wood-infecting pests. Visit www.bayerdvm.com/Products/Tempo/tempo-sc-ultra.cfm.

Novartis Animal Health has received EPA approval for OxyFly®, a broad-spectrum insecticide for control of adult flies in livestock, poultry and pet housing areas. It also controls fleas, ticks, litter beets and cockroaches. OxyFly provides rapid knockdown of adult flies as well as long-lasting residual activity. The product is odor-free and has a low toxicity profile. Its micro-encapsulated formulation offers convenience and ease of use via spray or paint-on applications. For more information visit www.novartis.com.