“It only takes a little extra to turn the ordinary into extraordinary” – that’s a motto I think we all need to remember and seek to find ways to put the extra into our relationships, our work, and the organizations we serve.

We’ve all met those people in our lives who did go the extra mile, and haven’t we always admired and remembered them for that? Why not be one of those people?

If you’re a business person, what little extra’s could you do to enhance your customer relationships. If you’re a seedstock operator and you just had your annual production sale, what is something extraordinary that you could do to thank this year’s buyers. Something small, but something notable.

I recently read a short press release about a young woman from Georgia who was recognized by the National Organization of Poll-ettes (NOP), which is affiliated with the American Hereford Association. They recognized Robin Mead for her contributions to the Hereford breed, youth and the NOP.

A city girl until 2003, Robin married a Hereford breeder and has been involved in the breed ever since. The story went on to tell, that for one event, Robin volunteered to put together “goodie bags” for juniors attending a fitter’s workshop. She went beyond the call of duty and collected a show stick, water hose, bucket, feed pan and other show supplies for each junior. The thrill and appreciation by the juniors was evident.

This was an example of someone who took the ordinary and added a little extra to make it an extraordinary experience.

Think about what you can do to be extraordinary as well!