Thanks to a generous gift from Texas AgFinance, the King Ranch Institute for Ranch Management at Texas A&M University-Kingsville will broaden the educational services it offers. With a $1 million commitment, the institute will initiate the Texas AgFinance Certificate in Advanced Ranch Management aimed at ranchers and landowners who want to expand their skills to keep up with the ever-changing ranching industry.

“The ranch manager and landowner of the 21st century manages a myriad of resources and business interests including energy, recreation, pollution mitigation, water, consumptive and non-consumptive wildlife management and food production,” said Barry Dunn, executive director of the King Ranch Institute for Ranch Management.

“Dealing with this complexity requires these individuals to have an exceptional set of managerial skills. The new certificate program will provide an organized method for ranchers and other interested parties to acquire these skills,” he added. “Upon completion of the program, participants will return with knowledge and skills that will enhance the management and stewardship of land resources across our nation and the world, and potentially, other large landscapes like state and federal lands.”

“The King Ranch Institute for Ranch Management awards the only master of science degree of its kind in the world, making it a unique entity in higher education. This new certificate program singles them out again as they work hand-in hand with Texas AgFinance to continue the education of working ranchers,” said Dr. Rumaldo Z. Juárez, university president. “We thank Texas AgFinance for the opportunity to assist ranchers to keep up with many changes facing the industry today.”

The target audience for the new certificate program will not only be ranchers and landowners, but also others actively engaged in ranch management, loan officers from banking interests, accountants, attorneys, appraisers of agricultural land, extension educators, university faculty and teachers of ranch and farm management courses from high schools and colleges.

By involving loan officers and land owners, Dunn said, the program will be able to provide those constituents with a greater understanding of the nuances involved in successful ranching and has the potential to create a more meaningful partnership between lenders and land owners and managers.

In order to earn the Texas AgFinance Certificate in Advanced Ranch Management, a participant will be required to complete four lectureships sponsored by the institute and participate in two of the annual HOLT/CAT Symposia on Excellence in Ranch Management. All this must be done during the course of three years.

Some of the current and proposed lectureship topics include using managerial accounting in ranching, valuation and economic benefits of water, wildlife and other natural resources, the oil and gas industry and ranching, human resource management, a systems approach to ranch management, habitat management, current ranching issues, meat science and production and equine management for ranch managers.

For more information about the Texas AgFinance Certificate in Advanced Ranch Management, call the King Ranch Institute for Ranch Management at 361-593-5401 or visit their web site.

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