Anyone who grew up on a farm or ranch likely has fond childhood memories of life on the land. From newborn calves to climbing on freshly stacked hay bales. But, fewer of today’s youth have the opportunity to grow up on farms and ranches – and have less of a connection with agriculture as a result. The Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom believes one way to build that bond with agriculture – and help youth understand the importance of ag – is through books.

After reviewing hundreds of books, Minnesota Ag in the Classroom has selected 22 titles and are offering them in a special “book bundle.” These selected titles provide a wonderful variety of fact and fiction, covering the wide spectrum of topics and content that represents plants, animals, agriculture, and the food and fiber system.

Minnesota Ag in the Classroom suggests purchasing the books and donating them to a local school or library to help spread ag education among today’s youth. Or, buy the bundle for yourself and read to local school children. Among the titles in the 22 book bundle include:

  • Dirt: The Scoop on Soil, which discusses the nature, uses, and importance of soil and the many forms of life that it supports.
  • Extra Cheese Please, From a cow named Annabelle to pizza, this colorful book illustrates the fascinating process by which milk is processed into mozzarella cheese.
  • From Plant to Blue Jeans, Describes the process of making blue jeans from the harvesting of cotton through the weaving of cloth and sewing the finished product.
  • If It Weren’t for Farmers, Colorful, fact-filled book describes for very young readers the food that comes from farms and how it is grown.

These bundles are available from Hobar Publications at the special price of $285 for the bundle (about $13 per book). To order call 952-938-9330 or for more information visit and click on “Book Bundle.”

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of these bundles will be donated to Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom to further advance the program’s mission and goals of serving and advancing K-16 education about agriculture.

Author’s Note: I contacted our local Soil Conservation District and suggested they consider donating a book bundle to our local elementary school. They did! So, consider approaching 4-H clubs, FFA chapters, banks or conservation districts in your local area and they just might be interested in buying and donating a book bundle to your local school.