Top Angus News: In this week's Angus Report, beef industry experts discuss impacts of the 2012 drought, the estate tax and an effort by the industry to waive EPA mandates for corn-based ethanol production.

CattleFax Update: CattleFax's Lance Zimmerman discusses impacts of the 2012 drought on cow herd liquidation. For more information, visit

Supplying The Brand:  Certified Angus Beef's Mark McCully discusses the upcoming 2012 CAB Feeding Quality Forums.

Practical Applications: Kasey Miller and Crystal Albers discuss the upcoming edition of the "Angus Journal."

Around The Angus World: Industry experts Daryl Tatum and Jeff Savell discuss results of the 2011 National Beef Quality Audit, which were unveiled at the Cattle Industry Summer Conference in Denver, Colo.