Three of the most progressive hay growers in the U.S. will share insights and hay marketing tips during an Innovative Hay Growers Panel at the Western Hay Business Conference & Expo, Oct. 24-25 at the Red Lion Hotel at the Park, Spokane, WA.

  • Joe Heese is hay operations manager for Farm Partners Supply Harlan, IA, a limited-liability company of more than 30 farmers. Heese oversaw the cutting and baling of more than 9,000 acres of hay for the group this year.
  • Scott Duffner is farm manager, Dinsdale Farms, Silver Lake, OR, and is responsible for around 4,000 acres of alfalfa in addition to organic hay production for large organic dairies.
  • Richard Larsen of Larsen Farms, Dubois, ID, owns a patented shredder-compactor capable of processing 20 tons of hay/hour. The operation's three-story, 120,000-sq ft hay terminal is the largest alfalfa storage facility in the U.S., with space for 10,000 compressed tons of hay.
Other speakers will discuss hay-export opportunities, producing hay for the horse market and organic-hay production. Learn more at
-- Joe Roybal