With crude oil flirting with the to $50/barrel level this week, a 19-month low, buyers of diesel fuel also gained a price reprieve, as the national average price for a gallon of diesel fell 7.4¢ for the week ending Jan. 15, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. The lowest average price was to be found in the Lower Atlantic region where the price fell by 9¢ to $2.368/gal.

According to landlinemag.com, the East Coast saw an 8.3¢ drop to $2.437/gal., while the Central Atlantic logged $2.559, down 7.4¢. New England fell from $2.672 to $2.622, and the West Coast enjoyed a 7.5¢ drop to $2.749. Meanwhile, the Gulf Coast region was down 6.8¢ to $2.391, the Midwest price fell 7.5¢ o $2.408, and the Rocky Mountain region had a 5.7¢ decrease to $2.625.
-- Joe Roybal