The U.S. Meat Export Federation (USMEF) is expanding its "We Care" campaign to encourage Japanese consumers to enjoy U.S. beef this holiday season. Newspaper and magazine ads are well underway, as are in-train ads that appear in nine major train lines in Japan and are seen by about 21 million people/day.

The ads are made possible by Market Access Program funding through USDA. The ads state the "tender care of everyone's thoughts as they gather around the table. That, above all else, is what American Beef is all about."

The "We Care" campaign is a multi-faceted effort designed to reassure Japanese consumers about the safety and wholesomeness of U.S. beef. The efforts include media events such as a "beef caravan" visiting Japanese cities, newspaper ads, point-of-sale materials, a website ( and other promotional efforts in hope of regaining Japanese consumer's confidence in U.S. beef.

In addition, the "We Care" Web site has been updated with holiday season info, including holiday recipes and restaurants that held the American Beef Happy Holiday campaign on Dec. 1.
-- Alaina Burt