South Korea sent a fact-finding team to the U.S. on Wednesday to verify the age of the cow found infected with BSE in Alabama. The cow was the second native-born case found in the U.S.

U.S. officials say that, based on photos of the animal's teeth, it was born before the feed ban took effect in April 1998, but they haven't been able to confirm the animal's actual age.

"Despite the assessment by experts here who saw the photos' of the animal's teeth from various angles, the team will be sent to check the remains," said Kim Chang-seob, the ministry's chief veterinary officer.

South Korea has been in discussions with U.S. officials over when they will resume imports of U.S. beef. They plan to send several teams to the U.S. in May to inspect 33 processing plants that applied for export certification to South Korea. If all goes well, the first imports of U.S. beef are expected into the country around early June. -- Stephanie Veldman