Learn about the "perfect beef-cow lease," Uruguay's surging presence on the global beef market, and the array of assistance programs designed to help mitigate the effects of the 2006 drought. Those are just a few of the offerings available in the November issue content of BEEF magazine, now available at www.beef-mag.com.

In "Surviving Dry Times," BEEF Senior Editor Clint Peck tells how federal officials are stepping up to the plate to assist cattle producers impacted by the nation's ongoing drought.

Meanwhile, Wes Ishmael reports that, despite the fact there are more quality-based branded programs and buying grids available today than ever before, fewer U.S. cattle are grading Choice or better than in 1975. In fact, insufficient marbling represents the single greatest quality challenge in the eyes of purveyors, retailers, restaurateurs and packers.

All that and more at www.beef-mag.com.
-- Joe Roybal