Looking for info on nutrition, calving or ranch horses? How about some background on body condition scoring of cows, alternative feeds, management calendars, pest management or carcass quality? You'll find those and much more at www.beefcowcalf.com, a resource guide from BEEF magazine that's devoted exclusively to beef cow-calf production.

The free site offers links to North America's latest and most pertinent fact sheets and university research reports for cow-calf production and management. You can scan the opening-page menu and click on one of 22 major subject categories for a further breakdown of topics. Or you can enter a topic in the "Title Search" box and go directly to what you need.

The Web site includes links to more than 2,000 fact sheets and white papers produced by North America's top animal scientists. Also included on the site are links to all the major cattle breed associations, links to the top animal science programs in North America, and much more.
-- Joe Roybal