Nearly 2,000 attendees are expected for the 3rd National Conference on Grazing Lands, Dec. 10-13 in St. Louis. Hosted by the Grazing Lands Conservation Initiative (GLCI), it's a forum for info exchange, and an opportunity to identify grazing land research and program needs, and learn about new products and services.

Offered will be presentations about grazing management from a variety of sources, including farmers, ranchers and representatives of universities and agencies. Technical assistance will be emphasized. The conference also should heighten public awareness of the economic and environmental aspects of grazing lands.

Presentations will focus on: building partnerships between ag, grazing and urban communities; successful cutting-edge management technologies for grazing practices; economic, marketing and public policy implications of grazing; and optimizing grazing land health for environmental and social benefits.

For more info, visit; Click on "grazing conference."
-- Kindra Gordon