The European Union's (EU) executive branch, the European Commission, is proposing to redefine the concept of "veal" to better communicate to consumers what it is they're actually buying.

In the EU, many countries produce milk-fed veal calves, which are harvested at under eight months of age. However, in Spain, the Netherlands and Denmark, there's also a kind of veal that's grain-fed and harvested between 10 and 12 months of age. There's a EUR2 to EUR2.50/kilo difference in price, ex-slaughterhouse, for the different meats, yet they're both currently labeled as "veal."

The new proposal, which must be approved by the council of ag ministers from all 25 EU countries, will continue to categorize the milk-fed calves as veal while the cereal-fed calves will be classified as beef. All imported calf-meat will be classified using the same new system.
-- Meghan Sapp in Brussels, Belgium