The Senate is expected to consider permanent repeal of the Death Tax before the end of May, the National Cattlemen's Beef Association (NCBA) reports. The group suggests producers assist with this effort by contacting Senators during the April 10-21 recess.

In addition, NCBA is coordinating a "National Cattle Call to Kill the Death Tax" on May 9. The event is a national call-in for cattle producers to call their Senators to voice support for full and permanent repeal of the Death Tax. For more info, contact Jenni Beck at or 202-347-0228.

Producers can send letters to Senators by clicking on Detailed info and analysis on the issue is available at the Web site, as well.

Producers are also asked to submit their story to NCBA and take the 2006 Death Tax Survey at NCBA says nothing is more effective than hearing cattleman's personal stories about how the Death Tax has affected their family and businesses. -- Joe Roybal