eMerge Interactive recently announced release of CattleLog Verification Services, a comprehensive program designed for cattle producers to verify their production claims and qualify animals for such value-added and branded programs as natural, non-hormone, and export marketing programs.

"This new program presents a significant opportunity to all beef industry participants," says Bill Mies, eMerge vice president of national accounts. "We have expanded the list of auditable programs from two to eight, allowing producers to qualify cattle age/source as well as natural programs."

eMerge has also created a CattleLog Listing Service for producers to publicize the availability of verified cattle to the entire beef industry. This program offers buyers reduced procurement costs, assurance of verification claims, and visibility into qualified supplies. For sellers, it offers on-site verification, USDA-approved age/source verification, and official approval documentation.

"We feel this new opportunity brings together the right ingredients -- industry-leading data verification and marketing assistance -- to create value for producers and allow sellers to locate cattle with specific characteristics," Mies says.

For more info, visit verification.cattlelog.com/ or www.emergeinteractive.com/eii/jsp/cattlelisting/.
-- Clint Peck