Professional golfer Greg Norman, known as "the great white shark," is debuting a new "luxury brand" of Australian beef to the U.S. market. Called Greg Norman Australian Prime™ (GNAP), the line includes Greg Norman Signature Wagyu, a 350-day, grain-fed, super-premium line of Wagyu beef; and Greg Norman Premium, a range of 120-day, grain-fed beef. Also part of the program are Greg Norman 100% Australian Beef Patties and Hot Dogs.

The line is produced in partnership with Australian Ag Company (AAco), which a GNAP release says has more than 600,000 "BSE-free cattle" on 24 stations and feedlots comprising 22 million acres in Australia's Queensland and Northern Territory. AAco's "farm-to-plate" standard ensures complete management over the entire supply chain, AAco says.

Norman says he sees a big future for quality Australian grain-fed beef in the U.S. because "there's no doubt Australian food products, and beef in particular, resonate very strongly with U.S. consumers because of Australia's clean, green, wholesome image."

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-- Joe Roybal